Portland Place School

Portland Place School

Spotting Promise

At the heart of our ethos is a desire to develop each child’s potential to the full.

We are delighted that this is recognised by outside professionals.  The 2015 Independent Schools Inspectorate reported  “The school successfully meets its aim of developing individual pupils' potential.”  The Inspectorate also stated that "teachers know their subjects well, succeed in communicating their enthusiasm to their pupils and establish warm and productive working relationships with them."

The starting point for developing potential is invariably the mindset of the pupil.  Current parents tell us that their children value our warm caring environment where each pupil is genuinely recognised as a unique individual.

Our approach is centred on boys and girls gaining a sense of self-worth from being valued for who they are and for what they can contribute; be it inside or outside the classroom.  This approach instils a sense of self-belief which is the catalyst for unlocking a child’s full potential.