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Portland Place School

Our Staff

No one forgets a great teacher, and our school’s success is based on professionalism and the formal yet friendly relationship between pupils and our teachers. All staff have the interests of every child at heart, both in and out of the classroom.

Our teachers are specialists in their subjects, who work in departments with a senior colleague as Head of Department with overall responsibility. Each school year group is split into forms, with their own form teacher. Parents are encouraged to keep in regular touch with this teacher by phone or email to discuss their child's development.

The Head of Year, a teacher well known to pupils and parents, deals with key matters such as discipline, uniform and punctuality.

Contact Teachers:

Main Switchboard: 020 7307 8700
Fax: 020 7436 2676
Email: admin@portland-place.co.uk
To Report Absence  
Lower School: 020 7307 8700
Senior School & Sixth Form: 020 7580 4124





Mr David Bradbury, MSc (University of Keele), MA (Open University), BSc (hons) (University of Keele), PGCE (Physics), MInstP, CPhys david.bradbury@portland-place.co.uk 

DEPUTY HEAD (Academic)

Ms Julia Findlater, MEd St Mary's University College, BA (Hons) University of Sussex, PGCE (English) julia.findlater@portland-place.co.uk          

DEPUTY HEAD (Pastoral)

Ms Elayn ONeill MEd Edinburgh, B Ed (Phys Ed/Health Ed) Pg Dip (Counselling) elayn.oneill@portland-place.co.uk


Mr Matthew Fowler, BSc (Hons) Manchester, PGCE (Mathematics) matthew.fowler@portland-place.co.uk


Mrs Jane Monk, BA (Hons) Anglia Ruskin, Cert Acct (Open) jane.monk@portland-place.co.uk



Dr Abhilasha Aggarwal, BSc (Hons) London, PhD, PGCE (Mathematics) abhilasha.aggarwal@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Kamran Akhtar, BSc (Hons) Mathematics, MSc London, PGCE (Mathematics) kamran.akhtar@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Ambreen Baig BA (Hons) English, ambreen.baig@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Sarah Birtles, BA (Hons), UAL, PGCE (DT) sarah.birtles@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Leonardo Blonda, PhD Bari (Italy), MA London, BA Bari (Italy) (Film Studies) leonardo.blonda@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Christina Boyle, BA (Hons) University of York, PGCE (Music with SpIT) RNCM,MMU christina.boyle@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Hannah Bridge, BSc (Hons) Manchester, PGCE UCL (Business Studies) hannah.bridge@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Victoria Brocklehurst, BSc (Hons) Chester, MA, PGCE (Drama) victoria.brocklehurst@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Colin Bryce, BSc Glasgow (Physical Education) colin.bryce@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Charlotte Butler, BA (Hons) Leeds, PGCE (Head of Humanties) (History) charlotte.butler@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Maeve Byrne, B.Comm (Hons) Dublin, PGCE (Business Studies & Economics) maeve.byrne@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Juan J. Caballero, BA, CAP Seville (EFL), PGCE IoE London (MFL), MA IoE London (ICT), MEd. Barcelona (Leadership & Management) (ICTMA IoE London (ICT), MEd. Barcelona (Leadership & Management) juan.caballero@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Charles Chambers, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes, PGCE (Teacher of KS2) charles.chambers@portland-place.co.uk

Mr David Chivers, BA University of Cumbria, PGCE (Drama) david.chivers@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Lydia Coles, BA (Hons) Oxford Brookes, PGCE (KS2) lydia.coles@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Danielle English, MSc Queen Mary London, MRSC ,PGCE (Chemistry) danielle.english@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Daciana Florea, B.Ed Oradea Romania, (Teacher of EAL) daciana.florea@portland-place.co.uk

Dr Konstantinos Foskolos, BA (Hons), MSc(Oxon), MA, MSc, DPhil (Oxon) (Psychology) konstantinos.foskolos@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Emily Galvin, BA UCL, MA Royal Holloway, PGCE (Teacher of SEN) emily.galvin@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Kirin Gill, BA Brunel, PGCE (English) kirin.gill@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Patricia Halcakova, BA (Hons) London, MA London, Educational Neuroscience (SENDCo)    patricia.halcakova@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Elise Hartopp, BA (Hons) York, PGCE (English) elise.hartopp@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Steve Hill, MA Education, BMus (Hons), PGCE, CertGSMD(P), ALCM steve.hill@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Hannah Johnston BSc (Hons) St Andrews, PGCE (Geography) hannah.johnston@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Audrey Jones, BA Spanish/Sociology Calvin College, USA, PGCE (KS2) audrey.jones@portland-place.co.uk -

Mr Matthew Jones, BA London, PGCE (Art) matthew.jones@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Paul Jones, BA Leeds, PGCE (Media and Film Studies) paul.jones@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Natalie Keen, BA (Hons) Manchester, PGCE (English) natalie.keen@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Daniel Kemp, BSc (Hons) London, MSc (Oxon), PGCert (Science) daniel.kemp@portland-place.co.uk

Dr Charlotte Knox-Williams, BA Hons Falmouth, PGCE (Art) Brighton, MA Winchester,PhD (SENDCo)   charlotte.knoxwilliams@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Joe Kubik, BA (Hons) St Marys University College (Physical Education) joe.kubik@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Thomas Lalande, BA Bordeaux, PGCE (French and Spanish) thomas.lalande@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Caroline Lambert, BA Lancaster, PGCE (Drama) caroline.lambert@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Phoebe Lewis, MA History, PGCE phoebe.lewis@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Christine Linton BA (Hons) University of the Arts London,PGCE (DesignTechnology) christine.linton@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Chad Macfarlane, BA Ed Goldsmiths London (Design with Technology) chad.macfarlane@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Charlotte Magniez, BA and MA Boulogne-sur-Mer, GTP (French and Spanish) charlotte.magniez@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Adrian Martjiono, BSc London, PGCE (Chemistry) adrian.martjiono@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Jamie McLoughlin, BSc (Hons) Brunel, PGCE (Physical Education) jamie.mcloughlin@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Ebrahim Naemi, BSc (Hons) University College Cardiff, PGCE Institute of Education (Maths) ebrahim.naemi@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Sarah Nelson, MA Renaissance Studies, London, BA Cardiff, PGCE (English) sarah.nelson@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Tanya Nicholas, BA, BSc (Hon) Monash (Australia), GDE OTTP (Science) tanya.nicholas@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Lauren O'Donnell, BA (Hons) Queen Mary, University of London, PGCE (English) lauren.odonnell@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Teffany Osborne, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Slade (Art) teffany.osborne@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Anita Philipovszky, BA (Hons) Universita di Roma La Sapienza, PGCE UCL (Modern Languages) anita.philipovszky@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Ruth Picado, BA Coruna Spain, PGCE (Spanish) ruth.picado-dopico@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Lucy Price, MA Edinburgh, PGCE (Classical Civilisation and History) lucy.price@portland-place.co.uk

Dr Anthony Purcell, BEng. MEng. PhD (Electrical Engineering), Grad Dip Teaching Melbourne (Physics) anthony.purcell@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Sophie Pym, BSc (Hons) Brunel University (Physical Education) sophie.pym@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Julie Rider, BSc London, GTP (Physical Education) julie.rider@portland-place.co.uk 

Mr Scott Rider, BA (Hons) Brunel, PGCE (Physical Education) scott.rider@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Imogen Riley, BA Oxon, PGCE (Geography) imogen.riley@portland-place.co.uk 

Mr Pardeep Sagoo, MSci Imperial College London, GTP (Biology/Chemistry) pardeep.sagoo@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Sara Segerstrom, BEd Kalmar Sweden, PGCE (Mathematics) sara.segerstrom@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Phillip Stanway, BA Manchester Metropolitan, PGCE (Physical Education) phillip.stanway@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Alison Stringell, Postgrad. Theatre Design, Slade, PGCE Goldsmiths (Art) alison.stringell@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Toni Tasic, BA (Hons) UCL, PGCE (English) toni.tasic@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Steve Thompson, BSc Plymouth, PGCE (Physics) steve.thompson@portland-place.co.uk

Dr Klaus Wehner, BA, MA, LCP (Photography) PhD (Fine Art) klaus.wehner@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Natalie Whittle, BA (Hons) University of Chichester, PGCE (Physical Education and KS2) - mat leave 07.16 - until 02.17  natalie.whittle@portland-place.co.uk

Dr Nader Yazdi, MSc Leeds, PhD UCL, MBA Imperial (Computing and ICT) nader.yazdi@portland-place.co.uk



Mr Nick Bentley (Brass) nick.bentley@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Adam Blake (Guitar) adam.blake@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Zrinka Bottrill (Classical Piano) zrinka.bottrill@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Rhonda Browne (Voice) rhonda.browne@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Christine Cunnold (Voice) christine.cunnold@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Dan Ezard (Bass) dan.ezard@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Jay Jenkinson (Strings) jay.jenkinson@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Sam Jesson (Drums) sam.jesson@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Siobhan Lavin (Voice & Flute) siobhan.lavin@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Darren McCarthy (Guitar) darren.mcCarthy@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Mike O’Neill (Jazz Piano) mike.oneill@portland-place.co.uk

Mr John Slack john.slack@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Balint Szekely (Violin) balint.szekely@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Naomi Thomas (Clarinet) naomi.thomas@portland-place.co.uk



Miss Michelle Botha (Admissions Registrar) michelle.botha@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Belinda Carvalho (nee O'Shea) (Librarian) belinda.o'shea@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Jennifer Clarke (Administrator) jennifer.clarke@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Jane Monk (Bursar - SMT) jane.monk@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Amanda Tom-Dollar (School Buildings’ Manager) amanda.Tom-Dollar@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Sharon Norman (SIMS/DATA manager) sharon.norman@portland-place.co.uk

Ms Gill OBrien (Examinations Officer) gill.obrien@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Penny Ritchie (Assistant Science Lab Technician) penny.ritchie@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Dom Scozzaro (Finance Assistant) dom.scozzaro@portland-place.co.uk

Miss Clemmie Studd (School Secretary) clemmie.studd@portland-place.co.uk

Mrs Magaly Trigalet-Dombasi (DT Technician) magaly.trigalet-dombasi@portland-place.co.uk 

Ms Sharon Wood (Headmaster's Secretary) sharon.wood@portland-place.co.uk

Mr Kim Wykes (Laboratory Technician) kim.wykes@portland-place.co.uk



Mr Joseph Akyeampong (Caretaker)

Mr John Himana (Maintenance)

Mr Jay El Mouden (Assistant Caretaker)