Portland Place School

Portland Place School


The school fully supports the latest report of the Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group about improving educational attainment through school libraries and librarians.  The school is also proud to be in the top 25% of school libraries that open for an extended day, is fully stocked, operational and staffed by a trained and knowledgeable full-time librarian. 

By already providing this level of service the school benefits in the following ways;

Higher Academic Achievement

“an adequately staffed, resourced and funded school library can lead to higher student achievement”

 Improved Literacy Standards

“A good school Library and Librarian have a proven and significant positive impact on literary standards.”

 Improved Information Literacy

“Librarians contribute to cultivating a capacity for effective lifelong learning by providing pupils with a diverse range of information resources, motivating independent inquiry, and prompting critical and creative reading.”

 Meeting Cultural, Emotional and Leisure Needs

“Most importantly in a school environment, a library is a neutral space where children are valued as individuals and where they can access reading materials that supports their diverse needs and interests.”

 Extended Curriculum

“ A good school library has the resources and staffing to allow it to provide after school clubs, homework sessions and reading groups.”

 All quotes are taken from the full version of the report.  A copy of which can be found here (http://www.cilip.org.uk/cilip/advocacy-campaigns-awards/advocacy-campaigns/libraries-all-party-parliamentary-group/beating)

 Meeting Cultural, Emotional and Leisure Needs


Opening Hours - 8.00am-5.30pm weekdays