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Welcome to the Humanities Faculty at Portland Place School

Humanities at Portland Place School, encompasses Geography, History, Classics, Economics, Politics and Psychology. The faculty is a varied one, but uniform in its methods, which are primarily analytic, critical, or speculative, as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural and social sciences. In its broadest definition the Humanities are academic disciplines, which study the human condition and humankind’s interaction with different ‘environments’ in a variety of contexts - natural, scientific, technological, artistic, philosophical, historical, spatial, cultural, social, economic, political, moral and spiritual.

At GCSE, History, Geography, Economics and Classics fly the Humanities flag, and are optional subjects. All four have a healthy uptake with many students continuing their studies at A Level.

The Humanities broaden at A Level, with History, Geography, Classics, Economics, Politics and Psychology on offer. Students enter a rigorous, but relaxed academic environment.

The individual subject areas have information on the courses of study. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact the Head of Humanities, Lisa Hunt, or the respective Heads of Department.


Head of Humanities


Lisa Hunt