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English at Portland Place.

English (Language and Literature) is compulsory from years 5-11, and both subjects are popular and successful at A level.

Students are encouraged to express themselves, and the curriculum is built around Creativity, Respect, and Love of Text. To this end, we study books that connect and inspire, stretch and illuminate. We encourage students to read widely, to write prose, poetry and drama, and to give voice to their opinions and to listen to the opinions and knowledge of others, in a spirit of respectful disagreement.

In all years 5-9, students are given regular lessons incorporating grammar and clarity of expression, are introduced to media concepts and forms, and have units exploring religion, myth, legend and culture.

In years 10 & 11, students are prepared for both English Language and English Literature GCSEs. They study a number of texts, modern and Shakespearean, prose, poetry and drama, spoken, written and media, and learn to create their own. They are challenged, taken out of their comfort zone, and made to question biases and influences.

In sixth form, students are extended and stimulated by more challenging tasks, texts and concepts.

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An example of outstanding work website (year 8, Twelfth Night)

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